The Citrus Sparkle

Citrus Sparkle - With Bottle (1)Making a pre-mix for your signature cocktail saves precious time so all you have to do is squeeze in a little clementine, shake and top with bubbly.

Makes 1 drink

¼ of a clementine, tangerine or mandarin

3 ounces (about 1/3 cup) Citrus Gin Pre-Mix (recipe follows)

1½ ounces (3 Tbsp.) brut champagne or sparkling wine, chilled

Garnish: small rosemary sprig or orange twist

Squeeze and drop the clementine into a cocktail shaker. Measure in the Citrus Gin Pre-Mix, fill with ice, cap, and then shake vigorously. Strain into a champagne flute. Top with champagne and garnish with a small sprig of rosemary or orange twist.

For Citrus Gin Pre-Mix:

Makes enough for 10-12 cocktails

2 cups Martin Miller’s Gin

½ cup Cointreau

½ cup simple syrup*

2/3 cup fresh lemon juice

Combine the pre-mix ingredients. Funnel into a pretty bottle. Store refrigerated, for up to 7 days.

Credit: Kathy Casey for Martin Miller’s Gin

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