CSAs and Buying Guides

Bee Heaven Farm

Neighborhood/county/city: Miami-Dade

Region for dropoff/pickup: Miami-Dade, South Broward, Pompano Beach, the Florida Keys

URL: beeheavenfarm.com/csa/info

Location of farm: Redland

Contact information: office@beeheavenfarm.com

Open Season/months: Mid-Nov. through mid-April

Open hours: Various

Why we love it: Farmer Margie Pikarsky, who has long provided South Florida with fresh, organic produce at Pinecrest Gardens farmers market and farm events, offers CSA members many choices, like family shares, weekly or biweekly pickups and other local products, such as honey, eggs, local rice, Florida Keys sea salt and goat cheese.


Farm Fresh Miami

Neighborhood/county/city: Miami

Region for dropoff/pickup: Broward and Miami-Dade

URL: farmfreshmiami.com

Location of farm: Multiple sources

Contact information: info@farmfreshmiami.com

Open Season/months: Year-round

Open hours: Varies

Why we love it: Farm Fresh works with organic farmers around South Florida for local produce, and goes further afield to source top-quality fruits and vegetables that don’t grow here. You can also choose “locals only,” organic juicer’s shares and shares that are all-organic fruits or vegetables, and order extras like Zak the Baker artisan bread, Florida brown rice and local eggs.


Flagler Village Farm

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward

Region for dropoff/pickup: Pick up at the farm

URL: Find on Facebook

Location of farm: Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Contact information: 954-854-8788

Open Season/months: Year-round

Open hours: Wed. 5-8pm

Why we love it: Even in the summer months, this small urban farm is growing produce that thrives in the heat. During the height of the season, their grow bags are topped with lush tomatoes, eggplants, greens, herbs and other produce only blocks from the bustle of the city. On site, Michael Madfis is an engaging farmer always willing to talk about the value of local food.


The Fruitful Field

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward

Region for dropoff/pickup: Pompano Beach

URL: thefruitfulfield.org/video

Location of farm: Pompano Beach

Contact information

Open Season/months: mid-October through mid-April

Open hours: Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm or Saturday 9:30-11:30am

Why we love it: When you sign up for their Buy-Give Garden Share program, you don’t just get your weekly share of fresh produce, you give produce to someone else who needs healthy vegetables and greens: a local family in need, a food pantry or a soup kitchen. And there’s more: you give local youth first-job skills through their paid intern program for teens who work at their farm.


Harpke Family Farm

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward

Region for dropoff/pickup: Pick up at the farm

URL: verdefarmandmarket.com/#!csa/mainPage

Location of farm: Dania Beach

Contact information: HarpkeFamilyFarm@gmail.com

Open Season/months: Fall-spring

Open hours: Varies

Why we love it: This truly urban farm (it’s right under the flight path to Fort Lauderdale International Airport) grows tropical fruits and vegetables, edible flowers, herbs and greens, and so many microgreens, they offer a special microgreen CSA in addition to a traditional CSA. For those who can’t commit to a weekly CSA, Harpke offers a flexible farm credit plan that allows you to pay upfront, then collect your fresh produce during a three-month timeframe.


Little River CSA

Neighborhood/county/city: Little River

Region for dropoff/pickup: Upper East Side Farmers Market, Legion Park, Biscayne Blvd. and 66th St.

URL: http://littlerivercooperative.com/pages/the-csa

Location of farm: North Miami, Little River

Contact information: mail@littlerivercooperative.com

Open Season/months: Opens in November and runs through April

Open hours: Market hours Saturdays 10am-2pm

Why we love it: Farmers Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noe grow luscious kale, carrots, greens, herbs, edible flowers, radishes, Asian greens, corn, tropical fruits and tomatoes on their urban farm, and source from other local farms so that members enjoy a full variety of produce. CSA members can also visit the farm and volunteer.


Once Upon a Carrot

Neighborhood/county/city: Miami-Dade and South Broward

Region for dropoff/pickup: Hallandale Beach, Wynwood, Miami Beach, Miami, Pinecrest

URL: onceuponacarrot.org

Location of farm: Various

Contact information: info@onceuponacarrot.org

Open Season/months: Year-round

Open hours: Every other Wednesday, 5pm-9pm

Why we love it: A hybrid that offers delivery or pickup, Once Upon a Carrot lets users shop for local produce, seafood, meat, eggs, dairy and artisan fare. Best of all is chef Cindy Hill’s commitment to supporting small farmers and educating the public on healthy, fresh food in her work and through the website’s blog.


Nana’s Greene CSA

Neighborhood/county/city: Homestead

Region for dropoff/pickup: Miami-Dade, Broward (Pembroke Pines)

URL: nanasgreenecsa.com

Location of farm: Homestead

Contact information: nanasgreenecsa@outlook.com

Open Season/months: Sign up in fall, deliveries begin Nov. for 30 weeks

Open hours: Various

Why we love it: Nana’s Greene CSA, formerly known as Teena’s Pride CSA, features outstanding heirloom tomatoes, herbs and Reedland produce. Named for farmer Michael Borek’s grandmother, Nana’s Greene’s impeccably packaged boxes arrive at a number of handy drop points throughout Miami and Miami Beach, including Whole Foods Markets, Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe and Miami Smokers.


Out of the Ashes

Neighborhood/county/city: Miami-Dade

Region for dropoff/pickup: At the farm

URL: outoftheashesfoundation.org/csa.html

Location of farm: Northwest Miami-Dade

Contact information: (305) 759-0002

Open Season/months: year-round

Open hours: Contact the office

Why we love it: Eggs! In addition to fresh, local produce, Out of the Ashes offers shares for chicken, duck and goose eggs. This working farm supports youth education through its Little Farmers Program and workshops.


Scooby’s Organic

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward and Boca Raton:

Region for dropoff/pickup: Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton

URL: Find on Facebook

Location of farm: Davie

Contact information: 954-309-8319

Open Season/months: Fall through spring

Open hours: Davie 3-6pm, Fort Lauderdale 3-6:30pm, E. Boca Thur. 4-7pm, W.Boca Thur. 4-6pm

Why we love it: Scooby’s offers multiple CSA choices (full and half-size shares, tropical fruit shares, single shares), sourcing from their organic farm and other farms. Farm isitors can also buy chickens and turkey parts, eggs, raw honey, soaps ad scrubs and raw dairy.


Swank Farms

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward, Palm Beach

Region for dropoff/pickup

URL: swankspecialtyproduce.com

Location of farm: Loxahatchee

Contact information: orders@swankspecialtyproduce.com

Open Season/months:

Open hours:

Why we love it: Their produce is featured at their outstanding Swank Table series, eight al fresco feasts where South Florida and nationally known chefs prepare multi-course meals at their farm during the season.


Treehugger Organic Farm

Neighborhood/county/city: Broward

Region for dropoff/pickup: At the farm

URL: treehuggerorganicfarms.com

Location of farm: Davie

Contact information:  954-471-5907

Open Season/months: Dec.-April

Open hours: Wednesdays 3-7

Why we love it: The friendly folks at Treehugger, who sell at Broward markets during the season, grow a delicious variety of tropical fruits, sprouts and produce at their permaculture oasis.


Verde Farm

Neighborhood/county/city: Miami-Dade

Region for dropoff/pickup: Miami (on the farm, Upper East Side Farmers Market, Southwest Community Farmers Market at Tropical Park)

URL: verdefarmandmarket.com

Location of farm: Homestead

Contact information: http://www.verdefarmandmarket.com/#!csa/mainPage

Open Season/months: Nov.-April (market open year-round)

Open hours: Market hours

Why we love it: This new farm has been growing bigger and better than ever, supplying farmers markets with organic produce and cut flowers. They offer full and half-season memberships and match EBT (food stamp) dollars when you join their CSA using an EBT card. They deliver to two Miami markets, but if you pick up your box on-site, you can have a tasty meal prepared by chef Adri and her team at their cafe.