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Holiday Desserts + Bubbly

From Our Advertiser: The Best Holiday Desserts to Serve with Cava

For Nochebuena, Christmas Eve, Hanukkah or just a festive dinner, it’s that time of year where tables full of desserts tempt you at every party. When you decide to indulge, why not enhance the experience with some perfectly chilled Cava? Segura Viudas Cava actually brings out the flavors in many of your favorite seasonal desserts. Whether you’re planning a holiday meal or just attending, make sure you leave room for dessert … with a side of Cava, of course.

Pumpkin Pie, Cheesecake, Flan – you name it…

Spanish bubbly mirrors the nutty, sweet and spicy flavors of pumpkin – making Cava the perfect companion for all of its holiday dessert varieties. Creamy options like pumpkin pie, cheesecake and flan are ideal as the acidity of Cava is born to break through.

Fried Desserts like Beignets, Doughnuts or Zeppole

Hearty fried desserts need a wine that can stand up to their intense flavors and Cava delivers. The bubbles brighten up each deliciously crisp bite and serve as a palate cleanser for the next. Feel free to bring on the ice cream here to really make your taste buds dance.


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Art Basel Tidbits

Art Basel: A whirlwind of art and artists. Intolerable traffic*. Fabulous parties. Sold-out restaurants. Whimsical pop-ups. No parking. Depending on your perspective, it’s the most wonderful – or most aggravating – time of year.

Local media and bloggers have posted lists of where and what to eat – Lee Schrager of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival shared his favorites here and Eater Miami came up with some ideas. Here are some of our favorite low-key tidbits, for locals and visitors:

Soft-serve ice cream

Caramel Stout Soft Serve (Photo: Dominique Ansel Kitchen)

Update: Unsurprisingly, his soft-serve sold out Wed. The gorgeous Setai in Miami Beach hosts chef Dominique Ansel’s pop-up soft-serve window Wed., Dec. 2 and Thur., Dec. 3 from noon to midnight. He has created two flavors: Caramel Stout and Burrata. The Caramel Stout is something new Ansel created exclusively for the event, says spokesperson Jessica Cheng. “The stout gives it a really nice deep flavor and just a hint of bitterness, and it’s garnished with pearls of chocolate ‘caviar’ and fudgy chocolate brownies studded with Maldon sea salt.” The Burrata was created for their West Village Kitchen shop over the summer. “For that flavor, Dominique had

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Your Local Gift Guide + #SmallBizSat

We like shopping for the holidays just fine. What we don’t like are long lines, big-box hype of products that no one really needs (or wants) and the whole anxiety-inducing marketing blitz of the season. So we’ve come up with holiday gift ideas for any budget. Sources include advertisers and non-advertisers. What’s in common: These are all thoughtful ways to support local businesses in South Florida, and delight your gift recipients, and bring some of the joy back to giving.

Food …

Ricardo of Cao Chocolates

Ricardo of Cao Chocolates is kicking off Small Business Saturday Nov. 28 with discounts, raffles, fun for kids and – of course  – really delicious chocolate … bars, bites, truffles, bonbons, hot chocolate. This bean-to-bar artisan is as hospitable as he is talented, hosting regular parties and chocolate and wine get-togethers. (From $5.35)

At Gaucho Ranch, their 100% na tural grass-fed beef – free of antibiotics, hormones and grain – is not local (it’s from Uruguay, from a 100-year-old family-owned farm. But they are involved in the South Florida community, sharing their love of grass-fed beef at regular events and receptions. (Meats from $6.29/lb)

… and Drink

Jeffrey Wolfe of Wolfe’s Wine ShoppeRead More

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First Thanksgiving held in Florida?

Long before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, America’s melting pot was St. Augustine, where Spaniards, free and enslaved Africans and Native Americans lived in the late 1500s. Find out more at “First Colony: Our Spanish Origins” at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. Make it part of a Road Trip to Gainesville, featured in our fall issue.

Left: A mural by Michael Rosato depicts the First Thanksgiving held in St. Augustine in 1565. Photo: Florida Museum of Natural History.

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Roast Your Olives! and Other Holiday Entertaining Tips

Fresh and dried fruits, cheese, charcuterie platter

Maybe you’re new to entertaining. Perhaps you’ve been invited to lots of holiday parties. What should you serve or bring? We talked with Joey Wells, specialty coordinator, Whole Foods Market, Florida region, who’s passionate about fine foods and all things cheese:

All-British cheeses

We’re throwing a party on a budget. What should we look for? Keep it simple. Two or three cheeses and one simple accoutrement is plenty. Know how many people you’re serving, and keep in mind that you will have other food there as well. A delightful cheese board can be a beautiful slice of brie, a cheddar and some gouda. Our Private Label cheeses come from small family farms or co-op dairy farmers. They taste incredible and are a great value. Also, don’t be afraid to ask our cheesemonger for a smaller piece of cheese. Finish off your presentation with your favorite jam or jelly or our Dalmatia Fig Spread.

Double creme brie stuffed with fig spread and topped with caramelized walnuts

Our guests are extreme foodies. What new discoveries can we show them? Theme your platter and choose about four cheeses. Your theme can be country of origin, a … Read More

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Show Love at Give Miami Day

It’s the time of year for giving! One of the easiest ways to support causes you believe in is Give Miami Day, Thur., Nov. 19. With the click of a mouse, you can donate to worthy South Florida causes. Last year, more than 19,000 donors gave $5.2 million for 520 local nonprofits.

There are many worthy groups seeking donations, from animal causes to youth services, and you can check them all out here. Below, we’ve listed some of the food, sustainability and community groups we have written about and worked with, and can wholeheartedly endorse. Thanks for showing your #locallove and generosity on #GiveMiamiDay!

Urban Oasis Project  – You’ll find Urban Oasis Project stands with local produce (and EBT/SNAP benefits) at many South Florida markets. From its inception, Urban Oasis Project has steadfastly supported its mission in making clean, healthy food accessible to all, through farmers markets, Verde Community Farm and Market, planting gardens and more.

Common Threads – We’ve watched students wield impressive knife skills thanks to Common Threads! By teaching kids cooking skills, plus practical life-skills in health and nutrition, Common Threads meets a critical need in educating and inspiring them to lead healthier lives.

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Show Us Your Cookies (& Cakes & Pies …)

Mmm … rugelach!

Do you make the best brownies, the greatest gingerbread, the flakiest rugelach? We want to see them on Instagram! Join Edible South Florida (@EdibleSoFla), Instagram queen of comfort food Cari Garcia (@FatgirlHedonist) and guava bakers/vintage cookbook fans Samantha Narvaez and Jorge Zaldivar (@PastelGuayaba) as we post our holiday baking photos of cookies, candies, cakes, pies, pastries and other festive desserts of the season. Follow us on Instagram and hashtag #EdibleSoFlaHolidayBake through the end of the year to see what we’re baking. And show us what you’re baking, too – family favorites, cookbook classics, your own creations. Just use hashtag #EdibleSoFlaHolidayBake. Let’s inspire each other this holiday season!

Cari Garcia

Jorge Zaldivar

Samantha Narvaez

Cari Garcia is the voice behind, a local food blog centered around gluttonous and delicious food.

Samantha and Jorge founded PG Bakery, sourcing local rare and exotic subtropical fruits for their preserves.


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New Farmers Markets to Open

As the South Florida growing season kicks into gear, new farmers markets are sprouting up. Whole Foods Market North Miami joins its counterparts in Pompano Beach (Wednesday), Fort Lauderdale (Tuesday) and Pembroke Pines (Thursday) to host a weekday market on Wednesdays 4-9pm. At Coral Gables’ Shops at Merrick Park, look for a new Sunday market 9-3 starting Nov. 15 between Nordstrom and Tourneau. Visit FloridaFreshMarket for details.

The Coral Springs Farmers Market begins Nov. 8 and runs on the second and fourth Sundays of the month through May 22, featuring produce from Brothers Farmers Market Produce and artisans Naughty Nutty Love, Crackerman Crackers, Mozzerita, Smart Girl Foods, Lip Smakin’ Good Honey and other vendors. Find them at the Art Walk at 9405 NW 31 Ct. Visit Coral Springs Farmers Market.

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Robert Is Here for Another Season

New t-shirts bear images of vintage signs the family discovered

Under the Robert Is Here roof, outlined against the fast-fading pink-and-blue fall sunset, the only fruits in sight are a pile of green and orange papayas. It’s a few days until the iconic Homestead fruit stand is opening, and Robert Moehling and his family and staff are unloading boxes, coordinating deliveries, sprucing up and getting ready for another season.

New this year is a tropical fruit tree nursery

“We get everything cleaned up and ready to go,” explains Brandon Moehling, one of Robert’s sons. This year, he says, there’s a new order system at the shake and smoothie counter, aimed at improving efficiency and alleviating the long lines. The family discovered some vintage fruit stand signs and turned them into campy t-shirts. Also new is a nursery, where visitors can buy trees and grow their own tropical fruits sold at the stand during the year, including various mango cultivars, avocado, sugar apple, caimito, lychee, mamey sapote, jaboticaba, jackfruit, sapodilla, dragonfruit and guava. There are more picnic tables. “Everything we do is to make things more enjoyable,”  says Brandon.

And then there’s the book.

The book is available at the store,

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Michael Pirolo Makes Tortellini

This past summer, Italian cuisine master and all around bad-ass chef, Michael Pirolo, prepared a private Italian feast filled with Prosciutto di Parma for some very lucky guests.

The ham is almost as old as Italian cuisine itself with the earliest references to Prosciutto di Parma dating back all the way to Roman times around 100 BC. The ham has a very strict certification. By law it can only be produced in the gently rolling countryside surrounding the city of Parma in north central Italy. The ham must use Italian-born and bred pigs raised according to the highest standards on which they are monitored, inspected and traced.

Once the ham is ready to be cured, a highly experienced maestri salatori (aka salt master) applies a minimal amount of sea salt necessary to produce a ham with the desired savory-sweet flavor profile. This is also the reason why Prosciutto di Parma tastes less salty than other ham varieties. At the end of the curing process, every leg of Prosciutto di Parma is checked for quality and then fire branded with the five-pointed Parma Crown, signifying its guarantee of authenticity and quality.

In the above video, Pirolo makes one of the … Read More

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