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Create Your Marketing Plan with edible South Florida

ESF0713_00_00_FC.inddSome forms of traditional print publications are struggling amid the online explosion. But regional magazines with a strong sense of what they stand for, a devoted readership and an integrated marketing program are thriving.

edible South Florida is one of those publications. 

Our Digital Offerings

We’re active on Twitter every day, interacting with many of our 13,000+ followers (Oct. 2013). We regularly tweet about our advertisers and their events.

Our Facebook fans continue to grow! Here, we share links, events and stories with our readers.

Our website tells the whole story. There’s a fully interactive digital edition of the current issue, our blog where we cover current events and share happenings, our ever-growing collection of recipes, advertiser information and a handy, up-to-date farmers markets map feature.

Awesome Events

We can help you with sponsoring and promoting food, wine and beer festivals, special dinners, cook-offs and throwdowns. 

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