The Weekly Roundup: 1/22/13

Here are some of our weekly favorites from the web.  

Seasonal Recipes:Parsnips

  • Parsnips are a very tasty winter treat, but most people just sit there and wonder “what do I do with a bunch of big, white carrot-looking things?” Carolyn Jung “Food Gal” (And Edible SV contributor) gives us a very tasty recipe and a little history. You may not want to drink parsnip wine, but it might make it to your dinner table. Full story here.
  • Winter just cries out for warm, tasty breakfast and brunch dishes. Saveur, and Ruth Reichl revive Marion Cunningham’s classic yeast-raised waffles (think waffle with a bit of doughnut). If you don’t have a waffle iron, here is your excuse to get one. Recipe here.
  • Clam chowders are another perfect winter dish, and almost anyone can get the ingredients. It pains us a bit to give a shout-out to our friends in Socal, but the LA Times has an excellent video, article and recipes that covers “all things clam chowder”. Must read and must cook. You can get it all here.

Wine And Spirits:

Mixology Monday Cocktail

  • Mixology Monday, the “online cocktail party”, just wrapped up its January edition. The theme was “Fortified Wine-Based Cocktails”. Mixing with fortified wines like sherry, Madeira and port is in fashion, but often challenging for the home mixologist. But there are plenty of recipes from all over the blogosphere to try out. Worth a look. Images and roundup here.
  • Rye whiskey is all the rage with mixologists these days. Bourbon’s spicier and less-sweet cousin is a very welcome cocktail ingredient (and was often the original ingredient in many classic whiskey cocktails). Tasting Table has a quick into here. But if you want the full download, Michael Dietsch at Serious Eats can geek up with the best of them. Full guide here.
  • Wine and spirits trends move so fast these days that things go out of style before most people even know they have arrived. Such is the case for orange-hued wines. Jon Bonne’ at the SF Chronicle covers the “backlash” on a potential wine “has-been”, that maybe “never-was”. Full article and links here.

Health and Nutrition:

  • The shock-masters at the Center for Science in the Public Interest don’t disappoint with their “Extreme Meal Awards”. Needless to say, if you want a 3,000 calorie pasta dish, they will tell you where to find it (the Cheesecake Factory), although it’s pretty clear they want you to avoid it (and they make a good case that you should). A full list of the the “offenders” here.
  • Energy drinks may be the next front for food safety activism and regulation. In a largely unregulated industry, health-related issues continue to crop up. Marion Nestle at Food Politics links to a series of articles. If you use energy drinks to get through the day, it may be worth a look. Full list of links here.

Food Politics:

  • John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods got all sorts of attention for using the “F” word (no, not that word, “f” for “Fascist”) when describing Obamacare. We at Edible SV will stay out of the politics, but if you want to get a good dose of Mackey’s opinions, and he has plenty, the New York times has an interview. Full text here.
  • Food and politics are often strange bedfellows, but sometime food can help politicians cross the aisle. And so it was at the President’s inaugural luncheon. Tasty food from all over the USA and California wines seem to provide a temporary thaw in the otherwise chilly scene in DC. It seems lobster tails and bison steaks make for a lot of smiles. Full article (and menu details) here.

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