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Fall 2011 Table of Contents


Grist for the Mill

Notable Edibles

Edible Travels
Pure Porcine Pleasure at HOGtober Fest
By Andrea E. McHugh

Putting Up
Preserving Local Agriculture
By Sherri Brooks Vinton

Heritage Breed
A Brief and Wondrous History of the Rhode Island Red
by Christine Chitnis

Chicken or the Egg?

Farm to Table
Chef Eric Haugen of Seasons at the Ocean House
By John Schenck

Chow Line
What’s Growing On in Our School Lunchrooms?
By Gloria De Paola

Vegetable Matter

The Cure
Housemade Charcuterie
By David Dadekian

Cooking Fresh
Thanksgiving Feast

Fruit of the Vine
Sharpe Hill Vineyards
By John Schenck


Ad Directory

Farmers’ Market Directory

Local Lunch

Rhode Island Red
by Chip Riegel

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