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Ham Jam

Rhode Island food lovers come together for some tunes and tacos.


On a warm evening last weekend in Providence, a troupe of foodies, chefs, and farmers got together for an evening of music. The event, called the Ham Jam, took place at The Met in the Hope Artiste Village, and brought together talented individuals from some of the great kitchens of Rhode Island. Who knew our favorite foodsmiths were also skilled musicians?

The evening began with Mark Taber and his son Sam, who wowed the audience with their piano performance. WD & the DBC came on next, making the audience laugh and dance with their funky tunes and great sense of humor. The kitchen band, Turn for the Wurst, which is made up of the folks of Chez Pascal, Persimmon, and Nick’s on Broadway, came next. Providence’s own Smith & Weeden finished off the night, and rocked the house into the wee hours.


To keep our bellies full while we danced and enjoyed the music, Tallulah’s Tacos was serving up tacos all night. All of the proceeds from the chicken tacos, made with Pat’s Pastured chicken, went towards Pat’s Pastured Kickstarter campaign, which aims to have fresh, hot food to-go at farmers’ markets this summer. In true Tallulah’s form, the tacos were fantastic, and even better with a glass of local beer, which was available at The Met bar. There were also special free treats throughout the night, including fresh oysters courtesy of New Rivers.

Save the date for next spring’s Ham Jam, and see some Li’l Rhody chefs’ secret musical talents in action.

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