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Denise Hawkins’ “Pumpkin” Bread

Kids apparently will eat pumpkin bread more readily that sweet potato bread (hence the quote marks). Denise makes several batches a week without fail. She created the recipe to use up commodity cans of sweet potato. This recipe is made in a wide pan—like a jelly roll pan. Feeds many teenagers.

Put the following ingredients into mixing bowl in listed order:
1 pound + 8 ounces sugar
1 pound + 5 ounces allpurpose flour
¾ tablespoon salt
¾ tablespoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon baking soda

1¼ cups eggs or 5 whole
¾ cup water
1 cup vegetable oil
2½ cups yams or sweet potatoes

½ cup sugar
¼ cup flour
1–2 tablespoons melted

Mix until blended. Place on sprayed sheet pan. Mix topping ingredients until a bit crumbly and sprinkle over the top. Bake at 350˚ for approximately 25–30 minutes. Enjoy while still warm. Yummy!!!!!

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Stout Braised Short Ribs

Recipe By Claud Mann

Serves 4-6

5 pounds beef short ribs, trimmed of excess fat
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons Chinese-style chili paste
4 tablespoons peanut oil
2 cups black beer or stout
1 thumb-sized piece fresh ginger, sliced thin
3 tablespoons minced fresh garlic
½ cup minced onion
2 whole star anise
1 tablespoon brown sugar
¾ cup high quality soy sauce
1 cup water
2-3 thinly sliced scallions

Pat short ribs dry and season with salt, pepper and chili paste.

In a wok or large, heavy saucepan, heat the oil over medium high heat until quite hot, but not smoking; brown ribs in batches, transferring browned meat to a slow cooker or Dutch oven.

Discard fat, reduce heat to medium and add the stout to the hot pan, scraping the bottom with a wooden spoon to loosen any bits stuck to the pan.

Cook until the stout reduces by half, and then add the ginger, garlic, onion, star anise, sugar, soy sauce and water.

Pour the mixture over the ribs, cover and cook on high for 15 minutes, then cover, reduce to low and cook 3-4 hours, or until the meat falls effortlessly from the bones.… Read More

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