Here is a basic fermentation recipe that can be used as a great kidney and liver tonic. It is from Thomas S. Cowan’s book The Fourfold Path to Healing. Beets are very good kidney cleansers, so fermenting beets in a tonic made with sea salt and whey increases beneficial Lactobacillus populations that aid in digestion, promote regularity and alkalize the blood.

It is a traditional recipe called Beet Kvass, adopted from Eastern Europe.

3 medium or 2 large organic beets, peeled and chopped coarsely
¼ cup whey or goat whey
1 tablespoon sea salt
Filtered water

Place beets, whey and salt in a 2-quart glass jar. Add filtered water to fill the container. Stir well and cover tightly with lid. Keep at room temperature for 2 days before transferring to fridge. It slowly improves as it ages in the fridge after about a week. It becomes less salty and actually becomes effervescent as the Lactobacillus feeds off of the beet sugars and releases a small amount of carbon dioxide. It is very refreshing.

When most of the liquid has been consumed, you can fill up with jar again with water and start the process a second time. Leave at room temperature for 2 days and then transfer again to the fridge. It won’t be as strong but still very nutritious.

Compost the beets after the second brew, or use them to make borscht like I usually do.

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