It is with such a heavy heart that I write this note. We—individuals in this community and across the planet, not to mention the planet itself—have lost someone extraordinary with the death on Feb. 8 of Marty Fujita. She was an inspiration to me personally in countless ways. A regular contributor to this magazine, her informed, wise, deeply felt and thought articles helped us all learn so much about how to be better caretakers of this earth and all its sentient beings and life forms. And now, as Steve Sprinkel astutely acknowledges in his appreciation on page 32, it’s up to us to “continue on in the work.”

It is a stunningly gorgeous spring. I can’t remember one as lush and teeming with life. And despite the waves of sadness, the ongoing confrontation with life’s fragility and one’s own mortality, I am also inspired by how resilient the earth is. If it receives even a modicum of nurturing, it rebounds. This year, nature has been the provider with a bounty of rain interspersed with sunshine. But there are so many simple and easy ways in which we can participate in the process of rejuvenation—from remembering to take a shopping bag, to teaching our children about recycling and minimizing waste, to seeking out food that is grown or raised sustainably and humanely, to making sure that farmworkers everywhere are protected, fairly compensated and given the respect they are due.

So we humbly dedicate this spring issue to Marty Fujita and her family. And in her honor, I humbly pay homage to the tender shoots, the fragrant blooming fruit trees, the pond in the meadow alive with birdsong and croaking frogs, the mountains and oceans in all their majesty…. Let us all, in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation, work together to keep Marty’s dream of restoring health, harmony and peace to our wounded mother, the earth, alive.

And don’t forget to smell the orange blossoms!

Jane Handel

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