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Nestled between North College Hill and Clifton lies Northside, where quality, diversity,and affordability abound on the food scene. Each restaurant is unique and has its own stamp on a different culinary genre.Whether it’s south-of-the-border, vegetarian,or a dish you grew up with, Northside has what you seek. “People come from all over the city to try what Northside has to offer,” says Mary Kroner, co-owner of Ruth’s Parkside Café. “We have regulars from Anderson Township and Florence, as well as from the neighborhood.”

If you’re in the mood for á là carte tacos, linger near Hoffner Park, where you’ll have to decide between Barrio Tequileria and Django Western Taco. (The Comet, a beloved watering hole a few blocks north on Hamilton Avenue, serves up burritos the size of a football.) Both restaurants focus on twists on traditional Tex-Mex, and the best way to try a little bit of everything is to start off with some guacamole, then order three (why not make it four?) tacos. Add a margarita, and you have the perfect introduction to street tacos.

Also near the park is the American Can building, which houses Ruth’s Parkside Café. Inside, Ruth’s has a number of eclectic, modern touches, such … Read More