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Author & Photography Queries

edible Memphis does not accept unsolicited articles, press releases, news items, reviews or images. We do encourage you to submit pitches to us for our publication in the following manners:

To pitch to the blog:

We love hearing from the community about their fund-raisers, farmers markets, food events and new projects. For consideration for publication on the edible Memphis blog please e-mail info (at) ediblememphis.com with the word BLOG somewhere in the subject line. The following information is essential–who, what, when and where–a list of all dates and times as well as the names (check the spelling!) and titles of everyone involved. Include this information in a format that can be copied and pasted in the body of the e-mail. No pdfs, attachments or links are allowed.

If we require an image for your information we will contact you with our specifications. Do not submit or attach any photographs or images to your email. All emails with attachments will be deleted without opening.

To pitch to the magazine:

edible Memphis welcomes submissions, pitches and story ideas, especially those that dig into what our area eats and why. We are not interested in restaurant openings or the latest chef news. We are always looking for stories of our forgotten food history; a food place nearby that’s worth the trip to visit; an artisan or chef that is making something unusual themselves; or a trend that is making an impact on how our community thinks about food.

Our Features generally range from 1,000 to 2,000 words and our Notables and Columns generally range from 200 to 400 words.

To pitch us, send one or two well-thought out paragraphs describing your idea. Please note that our editorial style requires:

Stories that are not about you or what you did or ate or saw
Stories that are positive and make their point without disparaging anything else
Stories that are well written, perfectly spelled and have paragraphs longer than one sentence
Stories that have a sense of humor and are high energy

Include your name and phone number. Don’t include links to your blog or comments you’ve made on someone else’s or ideas on photographs or how it should be laid out. Just tell us what your story is; we’ve got the other parts pretty well worked out… And put the word PITCH somewhere in the subject line to the same email address as above. Emails with attachments will be deleted without opening.

Because of the number of pitches we get and our own editorial calendar, we will not respond to every email we get. We will try to contact those with ideas we like within two weeks. Please do not email your pitch repeatedly, ask us if we received it or call us on the phone about it. Those are ways to get us to ignore you. If we are interested we will be in touch.