1. discernable by touch; material or substantial
2. real or actual; rather than imaginary

Print is alive. Print resonates. Print is tangible.


At edible Memphis, our business is selling stories. In every issue we introduce our readers to the people, places, businesses, and organizations that are a part of our local-food landscape in ways that are positive, creative and exciting. Our advertisers are a part of that story too.

We place a high value on engaging stories, outstanding photography and design, quality paper and a print quality that conveys warmth, credibility and permanence. It costs more to do it this way, but we like to think that we’re creating a quarterly reference to the past, present and future of our local-food movement. A reference that will saved and used often.

Our readers can see and touch your ad in a placement that supports and enhances your message.

Simply put, print works.

Our mission is to change the world by helping to grow a strong local-food economy that makes Memphis and the Mid-South more sustainable, healthy and prosperous. Grow your business in the pages of edible Memphis and be a part of the change.

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edible Memphis is published quarterly and distributed via subscriptions, advertisers, book stores, visitor centers, farmers’ markets and other locations around the area. We provide copies free of charge to advertisers who may then distribute them as they choose to their own customers or clients. Our news-stand price is $4.99 per copy but advertisers and others may distribute them free of charge or sell them. We do not collect a commission on any advertiser sales.

All of our advertisers receive:

  • Both print and an online listing on our website
  • Free design and photography for your ad
  • A supply of magazines to sell or give away to your customers and clients
  • Regular social media updates to re-energize our readership
  • Unprecedented access to a targeted and highly desirable reader demographic

edible Memphis requires your ad in 300 dpi PDF format with fonts embedded or converted to outlines. Please make sure your ad is the correct dimension, and is grayscale or CMYK. Additional technical specs and ad sizes are on our Rate Card. We are happy to provide advertisers with free design and photography for your ad should you require it. Please call or email prior to the deadlines below and we will be happy to answer any questions. We are glad to work with your agency or designer as required.

Issues, Ad Deadlines & Distribution Dates:

  • Winter: Ad Deadline: December 1, Distribution: January 15
  • Spring: Ad Deadline: March 1, Distribution: April 15
  • Summer: Ad Deadline: June 1, Distribution: July 15
  • Fall: Ad Deadline: September 1, Distribution: October 15

Our Rate Card includes additional technical specifications, ad sizes, single issue and contract rates as well as our normal terms and conditions.

Please download a PDF of a current copy of our rate card here.

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