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{xtypo_dropcap}W{/xtypo_dropcap}elcome to the new Edible Marin &Wine Country, the only publication dedicated to celebrating the spectacular bounty of food, wine and spirits grown and produced inMarin, Napa and Sonoma counties.

As the leader of the Marin County-Petaluma chapter of Slow Food since 2002, I have had the privilege and joy of getting to know many of the farmers, cheese makers, ranchers, oyster growers, vintners, distillers, brew masters, chefs and other food artisans who make our region so abundantly and uniquely rich.My personal mission has always been to spread the word about these amazing folks and to encourage consumers to seek them out and support their invaluable (and delicious!) work. Fortunately, people in our area do care deeply about their food and where it comes from and that’s what our publication is all about.

During my travels around the US and in Canada over the past several years, I began to notice what has been called the “Edible phenomenon” byMargo True, formerManaging Editor of Saveur magazine and current Food Editor of Sunset Magazine. That is, the proliferation of beautiful, well-written, incredibly interesting and critically acclaimed magazines, each dedicated to the local foods and food producers of its particular area. To see a complete list of all fifty current Edible publications, check out ediblecommunities.com. With a region as blessed as our three county “food shed”, it seemed only natural that we should have our own Edible, and now we do! I believe that the producers of Marin, Napa and Sonoma represent the best of what the US, and, in fact, the world, has to offer. Edible Marin &Wine Country will loudly proclaim this message – both in our print version and, also, in our vibrant and dynamic on-line website.

Published quarterly, once each season, Edible Marin &Wine Country will have an initial circulation of 25,000 copies. The magazines will be distributed through our advertisers and at other select restaurants, grocers, farmers’ markets, wineries, hotels and retailers. Paid subscriptions are also available to area readers who prefer home delivery (to be sure they are the very first to be “in the know”!), and to food and wine lovers throughout the US and abroad who want to keep up with the exciting food and wine news of our unique region. With stories about local producers, recipes from local chefs which highlight seasonal, local ingredients, and regularly recurring features such as “Potable Pairings”, “Perfectly Edible Road Trips”, the “Edible Events” calendar and the “Edible Source Guide” which will list all of our advertisers, this publication and our on-line site are sure to become indispensable tools for local consumers, as well as those planning a visit to our area.

I invite you to join us as an advertiser and become a part of the celebration. In doing so, you will be reaching exactly the kind of customers you want to attract—customers who care about sustaining the diversity, beauty and economic vitality of our dynamic and uniquely fruitful region. Because, in the words of the greatM.F.K. Fisher, “There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk.”


Gibson Thomas, Publisher

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