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This vivid publication will explore the farmers, food artisans, and culinary wonders within our communities that make eating local food an everyday pleasure. The wine country has a wealth of food stories to tell, and edible Marin & Wine Country plans to tell them all.

edible Marin and Wine Country will encourage us to consider the basic facts of where our food comes from. By eating locally, we help to sustain the small family farms which produce healthy foods with fullness of taste and provide for a safer food supply. The publication will follow our seasonal schedule: four times each year, you’ll be enticed with stories about farmers, chefs, and the local food industry. Gorgeous color photography featuring food and landscape will put life on pages full of culinary interest and events.


A Day in Marin & Wine Country: Where to Eat and Drink


Marin is your oyster…
Photo: Stacy Ventura

There are many reasons why the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the world’s premier travel destinations, and at the top of the list for many is the ability to get out of the bustling cities and into gorgeous rural landscapes in literally a matter of minutes. Expedia has teamed up with Edible Feast and Edible Marin & Wine Country magazine to bring you a food and drink lover’s perfect day trip into the wilds north of San Francisco.

Tour Marin in photos.

Tour Sonoma in photos.

Head north out of the city and mid-span over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge you will find yourself in Marin County, which boasts a spectacular coastline, rolling hills and flat interior valleys—and over 167,000 acres of farms and ranches. That’s half of the total land in the county…

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