Prep time: 1 hour • Cook Time: 10 minutes

Ready to drink: 21 days • Servings: 32

Blossoms must not be sprayed with pesticides and should be thoroughly rinsed.


1 quart well rinsed dandelion blossoms
1 gallon boiling water
1 pkg (2.5 oz) active dry yeast
8 cups cane sugar
2 orange, 2 lemon slices


Place blossoms in boiling water for four minutes. Remove, discard blossoms, and cool broth to 90 degrees. Stir in yeast, sugar, orange and lemon slices. Pour into a plastic fermentor, and attach fermentation lock. Place the wine in a cool area to ferment until bubbling stops – 10- 14 days. Siphon the wine from the ingredients, then strain through cheesecloth. Bottle in quart sized canning jars with rings and lids. Age wine at least seven days for optimal fl avor.

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