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See You at the Expo!

BWF_14_Website Thumbnail PhotoThere’s a big Beer, Wine and Food Expo presented by Hy-Vee is approaching THIS weekend at Hy-Vee Hall in Downtown Des Moines, and Edible Iowa readers are being offered an exclusive discount! In its 7th year, this event promises to be the biggest and best one yet and will feature beer, wine and food both from nationally known brands and from local breweries, wineries and restaurants that include ieFriends like MadHouse Brewing, Confluence Brewing, Jasper Winery, and Peace Tree Brewing, plus Scratch Cupcakery and more. There will also be live chef demonstrations featuring chefs of local restaurants such as Trostel’s Dish!

From the connoisseur who is looking to expand their palette to the novice looking for an introduction to the world of food and craft beer, the expo will deliver a grand experience through over 100 different exhibitors, 400 varieties of wine and beer, 15 different restaurants sampling their food, and three different stages with cooking demos, wine tastings and more. Check the website for a schedule of events as well as unique ways to expand your expo experience.

Discount Offer:

 $5 off the $20 day pass

 $5 off the $30 day + alcohol sampling pass

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Edible eNews - Volume 4, Issue 2 - February 2012

CSA Fair:

Edible Iowa is proud to present the 2012 Johnson County CSA Fair, Sunday March 11th, 1-5pm in the social hall at the Iowa City Recreation Center, 220 South Gilbert Street, Iowa City. Free and Open to the Public! Join Edible Iowa River Valley, Local Foods Connection, the Johnson County Local Food Alliance, and the Iowa Valley RCD for the 2012 CSA Fair. It’s like speed dating for your CSA! Visit with the farmers, learn about their farms, their practices, and their CSAs, then choose the one that’s the best fit for you and your family.
Farms in attendance: Grinnell Heritage Farm Echollective Farm ZJ Farms Salt Fork Farm Hue Hill Farm Wildwoods Farm ...and more!
“What IS a CSA,” you ask? Community Supported Agriculture, or “CSA,” is a system for providing fresh, healthful, local food to the community. Families put up the money up front, a little like a magazine subscription, and then receive a box of fresh food every week, all season long. In this way, families and individuals become true “co-producers,” sharing in the risks and rewards while supporting a robust system of local food production.

Raise the Bar!

Restaurant and bar owners around Iowa are joining together to “Free the Bartenders!” Since prohibition was repealed almost 80 years ago, it has been illegal for restaurants and bars to make their own infusions, bitters, and barrel-aged cocktails. The law (specifically Iowa Code § 123.49(2)), prohibits “keeping alcoholic liquor in any container except the original package purchased from the division,” and, “Adulterat(ing) the contents or remaining contents of an original package of an alcoholic liquor or wine by the addition of any substance or knowingly possess any original package which has been reused or adulterated” This arcane law, which harkens back to a day when unscrupulous tavern owners would drink the good stuff and replace it with bathtub gin or white lightnin’ ties the hands of Iowa’s creative chefs and mixologists. As one chef put it, “They’ll trust me to put raspberries in your vinegar, but not your vodka.” Much like the recently abolished law that once prohibited Iowa brewers from making beer over 6% alcohol, this statute can and should be repealed. And rather than encouraging binge drinking, as the already-permissable “shooters” do in college sports bars around the state, a hand-crafted cocktail, with infused botanicals picked fresh from Iowa farms, is an artistic endeavor meant to be savored. A good cocktail is no mere alcohol delivery system, it’s a civilized libation. Around the US, in the best and most respected cocktail bars in the country, bartenders are making their own infusions, and are pre-mixing cocktails to age for up to a year in oak barrels. the results are some of the finest imbibables in the world. they bring a touch of civility to the once-raucous tavern. We hope you’ll join in the effort, and encourage your favorite bartenders (and state legislators!) to do the same.

Sign the petition

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Edible in the Social Media

For those of you with memberships on the popular social networking site Facebook, you can catch even more great local food news and be in-the-know on every last little morsel of Edible Iowa at our "fan" page, which you can 'like' here. We now have over 1200 "fans" - please join in and tell your friends (and tell your friends to tell their friends, and their friends and their friends...) Click here to be our friend (please?) And to take part in the frightenly rapid growth (and pace) of the phenomenon that is Twitter, please follow us @EdibleIA Some of the Edible "tweets" you may have missed lately:
  • Would you care for an unpretentious Merlot with you slider & fries? White Castle adds wine to menu:
  • Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Hundreds Converge in Support. Great video coverage via @EcoCentered
  • RT @tlaskawy The smoking gun Big Ag's been demanding RT @NPRFood How Using Antibiotics In Animal Feed Creates Superbugs
Lately the hype has been around the virtual pin-up board called Pinterest. We've created one pin board with all the Edible magazines around the US. And more coming, every day. It's a handy way to keep your finger on the pulse of the real food movement.

Edible Institute

It's that time again! Join us in sunny Santa Barbara, CA for the 3rd annual Edible Institute. If you care about food, you'll want to attend this year's Edible Institute, featuring passionate guest speakers like Gary Nabhan, Barry Estabrook, and Nikki Henderson (and of course many more). Meet fascinating people, enjoy delicious food & wine, and walk the beaches of "The American Riviera." All the deets on this year's event are here.

Welcome Neighbors!

Please join us here at Edible Iowa in welcoming our new neighbors to the west, Edible Omaha! Always a treat to have another sister publication out here in the Prairelands, and we look forward to reading about all the tasty treats the Missouri River Valley has to offer. Word is their first issue hits the streets at the same time as our next one (March 1st). And speaking of the Missouri, we're hearing rumblings from downstream of a new Edible Kansas City just around the bend, so keep your eyes peeled!  

The Blue Plate Special

Edible Radio Podcast logo We've just had our 100,000th download! Bring your Edibles to life with Edible Radio, a whole network of shows dedicated to the same sort of delicious info you've come to love in our magazine. Available FREE to stream or download, so listen @ the homepage, or download it to your mp3 player. It's even available on iTunes - all free of course.
What's more, you can hear EIRV publisher Kurt Michael Friese hosting interviews on there as well, on his own podcast, The Blue Plate Special. Co-hosted with his sister, Christine, The Blue Plate Special comes out twice a month with recipes and features the "Pantry Raid," the Placemat Puzzle and always a guest.
These are the guests the Blue Plate Special has hosted so far:
  • Author and TV Chef Virginia Willis (listen here)
  • Louisiana EATS! host Poppy Tooker (listen here)
  • Chile pepper expert Dave DeWitt (listen here)
  • New York Time Columnist Mark Bittman (listen here)
  • Former Saveur and Newsweek editor Dorothy Kalins (listen here)
  • Author and Travel Expert Deborah Krasner (listen here)
  • Prolific Cookbook Author David Joachim (listen here)
  • NECI founder Fran Voigt (listen here)
  • Renowned Cookbook Author James Petersen (listen here)
  • Salt Expert Mark Bitterman (listen here)
  • Knife Expert Jeffrey Elliot (listen here)
  • Food Network Star Bob Blumer (listen here)
  • Author Rowan Jacobsen (listen here)
  • Wild food expert Teresa Marrone (listen here)
  • Dianne Ott-Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange (listen here)
  • Lynne Rosetto Kasper of Public Radio's The Splendid Table (listen here)
  • Put'em Up! Author Sherri Brooks Vinton (listen here)
  • Animal Factory Author David Kirby (listen here)
  • Niman Ranch Founder Paul Willis (listen here)
And soon to come:
  • Cookbook author Judith Fertig
  • Slow Food USA President Josh Viertel
  • Seafood chef Barton Seaver
  • Author and Former New York Time columnist Molly O'Neill
  • Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan
....And MORE Listen to ALL the Edible Radio shows @ the homepage, or download it to your mp3 player. It's even available on iTunes & Huffington Post - all free of course.

Be an Angel

As we've mentioned here before it takes about 2 weeks or so before each new issue is fully distributed around the state. If you want to be among the first to get it, and not miss an issue, you have 2 choices. You can subscribe here, or you can contact Kim about being a distribution angel. Basically this means you get a free subscription (and our profound thanks) in exchange for distributing Edibles in and around your neck of our great state. No extra work, just dropping a stack here or there at places you probably go to all the time anyway, like coffee shops, food stores and farmers markets.

Subscribe Now

Each issue of Edible has a limited print run, and when they're gone, they're gone. But you can assure yourself of getting your copy fast, fresh, and hot off the presses by subscribing now. "Why subscribe," you ask, "when I can get it free on the corner?" Well there are a few reasons. One I mentioned above - about getting yours before they run out - but also, in these tough times, it's important to eat and shop locally to help keep Iowa money in Iowa. Edible brings you all the resources you need - dispelling the myth that buying locally is always more expensive - and connecting you with your community. We do all this while supporting your neighbors who are raising and preparing all this wonderful food. Plus it makes a great gift. So click here to subscribe now, easily and securely, to make sure that you keep getting all the delicious stories that make up each issue of Edible. PS: Sometimes we do have a few copies held back, so if you missed an issue, check with us and we may have back issues available for sale (they're $7).
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"Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature has a hand in all our deals and deliberations. And she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do." - Wendell Berry a
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