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Sneak Peek: Winter 2013 – The Origins of Eggnog

eggnog Winter is here in earnest, and this always gets me thinking about the ultimate holiday beverage, eggnog. Now I’m not talking about the stuff you get in the carton from the convenience store, I mean honest-to- goodness homemade nog with plenty of fat and plenty of booze.

Now of course this writer does not condone getting all schnockered on eggnog. Moderation is even more the watchword here since the blend of spices, fat, sugar and booze will not only make you unable to drive if you over-indulge but also carry a whiz-banger of a hangover as penance. As with all booze, be responsible.

Of course a nog can be made without the booze, but then not only is it alcohol-free, it is also missing a certain depth of flavor that really makes it warm the heart around the holidays. So I say spike it hard but drink it sparingly.

But what really makes a nog a nog? The rum does. It is a fairly common misconception that eggnog is a tradition imported from Europe. While it’s true that in colonial times their were some popular egg-and-wine drinks that came from the old world, it was the Yankees who developed the … Read More

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