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Issue #34: Winter, 2014-15 – Books That Cook!

Cover 34The 34th edition of Edible Iowa is now online, with a focus on books about food, Iowa authors, even a seed catalog library.  James Beard Award winner Elissa Altman returns with memories of Iowa’s most famous gourmand, Richard Olney.  There’s a book about Iowa’s craft breweries, and then there’s a feature on one of them (how’s that for a segue?).

That cover comes from one of the seed catalogs in the extensive collection at Decorah’s Seed Savers Exchange.

Please don’t forget to visit any/all of our #eiFriends, because we couldn’t bring you all this goodness without them, and be sure to tell’em we sent you.  Also please share the issue widely – we love to share good food!

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Harvest, 2014

Cover 33Issue #33 of Iowa’s premiere source for local food is now online.  It includes your invitation to the first Public Hearth event, and the new trailer to our Public Television show Edible Feast.  Tune in!

In this issue:

Field to Family — Local food festival returns to Iowa City for its 13th year

Grist for the Mill

Sweet Harvest — Hand-picking sweet corn at Dan D Farms in Knoxville — by Robert Leonard

Building Connections — Eat Greater Des Moines boosts local food efforts — by Renee Bricks

Buy Iowa —Regional food co-ops take off in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines — by Cindy Hadish

Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch  by Robert Leonard

The Future of Food in Iowa — A Voter’s Guide

The Public Hearth — Sun-dried tomatoes — by Bob Saar

Prairie Gold — An essay on honey and marriage — by Chris Wiewiora

Edible Nation — Building the soil of a restorative economy: A conversation with Slow Money visionary Woody Tasch — by Bill Giebler

Edible Imbibables — Manchester’s Franklin Street Brewing — by Tim Rask & Jeff Allen

The Last Word — Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production – The Manifesto of Read More

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Edible Iowa #31, Spring 2014

Edible Iowa #31, Spring, 2014Dear Eater,

Hard to believe, but here we are starting our 9th year as your go-to resource for the best in Iowa’s local food and drink.  Thank you so much for joining us at the table, there’s plenty for everyone.

We have a couple good recipes for you, and a new writer on the crew named Laura Seether who’s talking up the java at Sidecar Coffee in Cedar Falls’ College Hill neighborhood.  You’ll be impressed with the photography of Marji Guyler-Alaniz, and you get to have a beer in Kalona with Rask & Allen, our intrepid beer hunters.  Nearby, Brandi Janssen takes you inside the healthy school lunch system in the Mid-Prairie school district.

Des Moines wonder-chef David Baruthio is at it again, this time with a new pizza joint, and Renee Brincks returns with a new edition of “The 99” up in the Driftless Region.

Ben Vivant brings some Cocktail Culture, Bob Saar will help you keep warm on a rainy spring day with Two Jay’s Corn Whiskey, and Katie Roche has the scoop on Scott Koepke and Soilmates in Iowa City.

We’re also launching a new regular column, The Public Hearth, which is an effort to inspire people … Read More

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The BIG Three-Oh!

Cover 30 small Hi-res

Dear Eater,

Here you have the electronic edition of Edible Iowa River Valley #30, our biggest ever, and the first and still only only magazine dedicated entirely to the food of Iowa. Since 2006 we’ve been bringing you the very best in artisanal food, wine, beer, spirits, farms, restaurants, cooks and gardens from all across the state, and we’re just getting warmed up!

Of course we owe huge debts of gratitude to our eiFriends – the businesses that market their brands here in Edible Iowa. Thanks to them we can bring you this new, reformatted and expanded edition, so please be sure to tell them all how much you appreciate their support for local, sustainable food though Edible Iowa River Valley.

Many thanks too to our writers of course, and we have a bunch of great stuff for you as always. Those knives on the cover are from Gethmann Knife Works and make a great gift for the cook in your life (especially if that’s you!). And our intrepid Beer hunters Jeff Allen and Tim Rask are just back from one of Iowa’s newest breweries, Big Grove Brewing in Solon.

We have two opinion pieces, both about Iowa farms, … Read More

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Sneak Peek: Winter 2013 – The Origins of Eggnog

eggnog Winter is here in earnest, and this always gets me thinking about the ultimate holiday beverage, eggnog. Now I’m not talking about the stuff you get in the carton from the convenience store, I mean honest-to- goodness homemade nog with plenty of fat and plenty of booze.

Now of course this writer does not condone getting all schnockered on eggnog. Moderation is even more the watchword here since the blend of spices, fat, sugar and booze will not only make you unable to drive if you over-indulge but also carry a whiz-banger of a hangover as penance. As with all booze, be responsible.

Of course a nog can be made without the booze, but then not only is it alcohol-free, it is also missing a certain depth of flavor that really makes it warm the heart around the holidays. So I say spike it hard but drink it sparingly.

But what really makes a nog a nog? The rum does. It is a fairly common misconception that eggnog is a tradition imported from Europe. While it’s true that in colonial times their were some popular egg-and-wine drinks that came from the old world, it was the Yankees who developed the … Read More

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Harvest 2013

Cover 29 largeCheck out the latest edition of Edible Iowa River Valley – Harvest 2013 – in it’s fully interactive digital edition.  Click the table of contents to skip right to a particular feature, or click an ad to visit that #eiFriend’s website.  Share on social media too!

Thanks to our #eiFriends such as CR’s Cobble Hill, you can check out stories like these even before the hardcopy hit’s the streets:

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