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The Future of Food in Iowa: Mike Carberry, Candidate for Johnson County Supervisor

In response to our voter guide questions, Mike Carberry, candidate for Johnson County Supervisor, provided these answers.

Early voting has already opened.  Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4th.


10600537_10152252579253053_1489287432186264170_n1.     Many neighborhoods in our community suffer from lack of food outlets that offer healthy food options and as a consequence, poor health outcomes related to food and nutrition. These factors contribute to a lack of community food and nutrition security. What would you do to ensure community food and nutrition security and strengthen our local food system?

MC.    Food deserts are created in areas where there is poverty. As a Supervisor, I would look to reduce poverty by bringing in more and better jobs to Johnson County. Raising the minimum wage in Johnson County could also be looked at as an option. We also need more affordable housing in Johnson County that is not concentrated in these areas of poverty where food deserts arise. Inclusionary Zoning is an option that can spread affordable and workforce housing throughout the community. Increased funding to social service agencies that provide the community food is also important.

2.     What would you do to increase the amount of local, healthy food made available to schools, … Read More

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The Future of Food in Iowa – A Voter’s Guide: Janelle Rettig, Candidate for Johnson County Supervisor

download (1)As you know we included a voters guide in the latest issue, filled with questions for you to ask candidates. We just received answers from one such candidate, Janelle Rettig, incumbent candidate for Johnson County Supervisor.  Her answers are posted below, unedited and without comment.

You can see all the questions for candidate for local, state and federal offices, in our e-edition.  You are encouraged to ask any/all of any candidate you meet (especially with video!), and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #FoodPoliticsIA – we’ll repost all the responses we find.

Again thank you to The Iowa Food Systems Council‘s Food Access and Health Working Group Leadership Team for designing the questionnaire.


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Date:09/19/2014 6:58 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Janelle Rettig
Subject: The Future of Food in Iowa
Thank you for writing me about local foods and nutrition.  I’m happy to try to answer some of your questions, but many of these seem geared to cities and I’m unclear how it would translate to the County.  I also really haven’t thought about some of these questions and would need to do more research.  I’m would love to hear your ideas.
My comments are … Read More
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