Contributors Winter 2015



Marian Burros wrote about food for the New York Times for 27 years. She lives in Maryland but spends most of the summer in the Northeast Kingdom. The author of 11 cookbooks, in season she does most of her shopping at farm stands and farmers’ markets.




Maria Buteux Reade transitioned from 27 years as a boarding school teacher and dean to become a working partner at Someday Farm in East Dorset. When not on her tractor turning compost, she writes in an old sugarhouse, happy to share that space with a few cows, some wandering geese and bales of sweet hay. Maria has a home along the Battenkill River in Arlington.



 Caleb Kenna is a photographer based in Brandon.  He grew up in Vermont and his work has appeared in the The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Frommer’s Rutland Magazine, Vermont Life, Vermont Land Trust and many other publications.  More of his work can be seen at




Lisa Masé is a culinary medicine educator, passionate cook, and homesteader living in Central Vermont. Stop by for a visit or sign up for a workshop offered by the many talented people in the neighborhood! For recipes and learning schedule visit




Tracey Medeiros is a freelance food writer, food stylist, recipe developer and tester. Tracey is the author of The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook (The Countryman Press, May 2013) and Dishing Up Vermont (Storey Publishing, 2008). The Countryman Press will publish her third book, The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, due out in 2015. She can be reached at or via email at




Paul-Alexandre Petit is a freelance writer residing in South Burlington, Vermont. He is the manager at The Growler Garage and spends his free time meditating, and studying for his Bachelors in International Relations. He can be reached at




Julianne Puckett is the creator of, a blog about eating better using healthy, easy recipes, DIY pantry staples and home-preserved food. A designer, writer and former IT professional, she struggles to balance the siren call of her inner farmer with her love of cute shoes and cocktails.




Kristina Sepetys lives in Berkeley, California in a small cottage with a big garden that her urban farmer friends use to grow produce for their CSAs. She loves reading and writing about cookbooks and testing recipes for accuracy (and taste!). She is a frequent contributor to Edible publications throughout the country.




Laura Sorkin is an organic farmer, classically trained cook and food writer. She lives in northwest Vermont with her husband and two children. She can be reached at




Frederica Templeton is a writer, editor and communications consultant who has tested the world’s cuisines and never found them wanting. She is editorial director of Mansfield/Templeton & Associates in Manchester, Vermont, and can be reached at




Claire Willett When she’s not daylighting as a data analyst, you can find Claire chasing down the best food, drink, and local points of interest the Northeast has to offer. Along with Edible Green Mountains, her work as appeared in Edible Boston, Conde Nast Traveler, and Worth.

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