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What’s Your Local?

Aqua Vitea brews and distributes kombucha, a fermented tea that has a history reaching back over 2,000 years. We collaborate with local farms and suppliers to source local ingredients whenever possible.

The quality ingredients produced by the genuine hard work of our local community can be tasted in our product flavor profiles and also contribute to the medicinal attributes. Local community and our ingredients represent living elements of culture both in our kombucha and in the art-based approach that communicates the sense of place inherent in our branding.

We started our company because of involvement with local foods and strong community ideals. We believe it is the responsibility of an individual to provide a component that will strengthen their community. For an individual or business to achieve success they must share a symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationship with their community. The health of the community depends on the health of its individuals, and an individual’s health begins with food.
My wife, Katina, was starting Vermont Natural Family Health (a primary care medical clinic offering naturopathic, acupuncture and midwifery services to Vermont families) as I was starting Aqua Vitea. For the two of us, these businesses allow us to educate and offer people ways to bring their lives into a healthy balance.

Aqua Vitea’s mission is created from four principles and actions of interrelated parts that connect to sustaining the core foundation of a healthy community. The four principles include product development and production, green economics, social opportunity and environmental outcomes.

Our product development and production approach enables us to offer the finest-quality products that are regionally produced. Our goal is to create a positive effect on individual and community health and well-being and to contribute to a holistic lifestyle.

We work to build and support the green economy through sustainable business practices, including utilizing green energy, relationship marketing, producing for regional markets and sourcing local products whenever possible. We create a viable economic interconnection through collaboration with the local suppliers our products are built upon.

Aqua Vitea creates social opportunities for people inside and outside of the business who make a positive difference in their food consumption, lifestyle choices and career paths while acknowledging the responsibility to contribute and give back to their community.

Ultimately, we evaluate the environmental impact of our business decisions while being mindful of how these decisions affect all aspects of life and living.

Our local community is the foundation for our business and daily life.

­—Jeff Weaber, founder of Aqua Vitea
Bristol, Vermont

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