Photo by Brent Harrewyn

What’s your favorite summer flavor? The abundance that Mother Nature grants us during the harvest is cause for celebration. So many wonderful choices and the season is just too short. But this harvest wouldn’t be available without the hard work, dedication and love of those who care about the food you eat. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) harvest subscription programs are now rooted in our everyday lives and there are more than 60 farmers markets throughout the state that are registered with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.

Isn’t the highlight of your week your CSA pickup day? Nicole L’Huillier Fenton explores community- supported agriculture in Vermont and how it has evolved. Also in this issue we are introduced to Mark Boyden, who is branding his high-quality beef to meet the growing demand for what has been raised locally. Laura Sorkin has included a couple delicious beef recipes with this piece for you to enjoy.

Although we are all about summer harvest right now, apple season is not far off. Linda Belt-Burnier visits Windfall Orchard and explores all the apple varieties offered and the commitment that it takes to make them available and to give the orchard a second wind. Lucas Farrell and Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm are this issue’s contributors to our Last Bite feature. They answer our ongoing question “What’s your local?” by sharing with us their inspiring reflection of their farm and the goats that produce the milk they use in their caramels.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Please visit our Facebook page and post your favorite summer flavor. Remember to explore your farmers market, sign up for a CSA and visit and thank all the advertisers who bring you each issue of Edible Green Mountains. We are all links in the chain that supports our local economy.

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