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ummer! The word just seems to bring a smile to your face. There are so many things that are associated with summer. I connect summer with berry picking, swimming, bike riding, barbecues, gardening, ice cream, sailing, canning, farmers markets— the list seems endless.

“Flooding” is not a word that I normally associate with summer. As a seasonal publication, this issue will arrive as the anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene is upon us. “Evacuate?” That’s the word the state police used while standing at the end of our driveway. Anyone who was here during the storm and lives near a river cannot deny that “flash flooding” has a very real meaning to all of us now.

Throughout the state the disaster unfolded as the day went on. Facebook became a resource for updates and information. But this was a time when Vermonters came together. In this issue we visit with Jillian Abraham, whose fields at Small Step Farm were flooded last August. With the help and support of her community, she is hopeful for a road to recovery. In the town of Waitsfield, the Green Cup Café was destroyed by the floodwaters but is being reinvented by the Gulisano family.

Also in this issue we learn how to make cheese at home through many of the classes offered by Rural Vermont, and about bolted flour that connects two local businesses together. I hope our story on currants will entice you to seek out this tiny, underappreciated berry this summer and enjoy its flavor.

The growing season is upon us, we should all try to discover a new fruit or vegetable while it is in season locally. The abundance of local foods this time of year is exceptional. Summer always seems to pass quickly, so don’t wait get out there and enjoy everything that means summer to you. Soak up some sun!

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