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Reporting on the local food scene this fi rst year of publishing Edible Green Mountains feels as if we are on a great adventure. Th ere is nothing like good food. (If it is also healthy and fresh food, all the better.) As we wind our way down back roads, up steep hills and somewhere in between, we are introduced to people who care intensely about food. Food is and can be so many things.

This past winter while on a ski trip with some friends we enjoyed a restaurant that had an extensive list of farm-to-table ingredients, and announced how each was incorporated into multiple entrées. It was fun reading about the farms, where they were located and their products, and then having the opportunity to try them. Th is turned into a celebratory taste experience for this group of foodies, which added to a memorable weekend of friendship and fun! We are seeing this practice everywhere. It is inspiring to see these businesses support each other by buying local.

Matt Sargent is the chef-host of Phantom Dinners and is an explorer of taste, ambiance and style. You watch for his popup event on his Facebook page, sign up and prepare to enjoy a “grooving” dinner party. As the Phantom Dinner Facebook page says “you never know, could be right next door.” Read all about it on page 28.

Are you an adventurer with the entrepreneurial spirit? We’d like to introduce you to Allyson Spanier. Th is mom produces all-natural baby food that actually tastes good, but the road from idea to product has been bumpy. Because of her locally made product, the farm-to-table concept is now available to the youngest members of a family and busy parents can feel good about feeding it to their little ones. Read more on page 24.

Over 150 years ago Orin Th omas purchased the land where Th omas Dairy still sits. Today the members of the Th omas Dairy family deliver synthetic-hormone-free milk products produced by Vermont farmers who own small, happy and healthy herds. Read about their history and the high standards they have set for the products they deliver (page 36).

Our Last Bite on page 48 features a note from Taylor Cocalis Suarez, one of the co-founders of Good Food Jobs, and her reply to our standing question of “What’s Your Local?”

Our thriving food culture is a great adventure in this small world, after all. All the best ,

P.S. We are excited to announce a new food adventure of our own. Please check out Dorian Yates’s review of Tracey Medeiros’s new book Th e Vermont Farm Table Cookbook. Tracey will be kicking off the Edible Green Mountains Kitchen Events at Brook Valley Appliance in Manchester Center, Vermont. Details on page 12.

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