Photograph by Carole Topalian

s I look outside, it’s still mud season. Although Vermont had a mild winter this year (personally, I missed our snow) we always seem to get our mud season no matter what type of winter Mother Nature delivers. To Vermonters, mud season is a sign of the growing season about to come.

Living in a valley, each year I watch the green line climb up the mountains and get greener once spring has sprung. I’ve ordered my seeds, signed up for my summer CSA and feel this sense of excitement about the challenges and rewards this year is sure to bring.

I’m a foodie. For me, there’s no such thing as too many cooking shows or cookbooks or cooking clubs or restaurants or too many ways to prepare the bounty from the land. Every farmer, home cook, gardener, forward thinker, entrepreneur and chef is a source of inspiration.

In this issue of Edible Green Mountains we whet our appetites with some Notable Edibles. Then we invite spring to renew our senses with foods that help enhance our immune system. Usually the first vegetable to harvest in your spring garden is rhubarb. There are many ways to prepare rhubarb and the recipes we offer celebrate its versatility.

We also visit with three folks who create “pop-up restaurants,” taking what is inspiring to them and putting it all together for an evening experience for the simple joy of good food. We meet a gardener who has followed her passion and is living her dream of gardening and raising Araucana chickens. We tour two goat farms at opposite ends of the state to explore the nutritional benefits of goat milk. And we tap in to what may be Vermont’s ultimate rite of spring: maple syrup.

Our final page introduces what we intend to be an ongoing series asking the question: “What’s your local?” Is it how you live locally? How your business supports the local economy? How you live with and adapt to the seasons? Is it the eggs from the chickens in your backyard?

I hope this issue awakens the spring foodie in you as the soil warms and the line of lush green creeps up the mountainsides. Join us in celebrating our local communities and the adventure of exploring their connections.

Happy spring!

Mary Blair

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