Photo by Brandon Fenner

My name is Matt Cohen and I am the owner of Fiddlehead Brewing Company in Shelburne, Vermont.

One of the guiding principles of our business is to, when possible, use local products in the creation of our ales and lagers. Vermont is a great state that has rich agricultural traditions and we hope to highlight this by using local raw materials to craft interesting and unique beers. I see living local as an idea, a mindset, a conscious decision that we as a local business need to strive to meet.

Although craft beer has been flourishing on the East Coast for the last 20 years, until recently it has been almost impossible to brew a beer made completely from locally grown products. However, as a result of the success of craft beer and many people’s renewed interest in locally grown foods, it has now become feasible. Both barley and hops, the two major ingredients in beer, are now being grown and processed in our region.

Today the quantities being grown are not large enough to support the production of our year-round product, but we have produced many “one-off” batches using locally grown barley, hops, honey and sap. The response has been overwhelming and people have been really excited about drinking a beer that was brewed with local Vermont raw materials. As a brewer I am passionate about making great beer and I hope to one day be using only locally grown products for all needs.

Matt Cohen
Fiddlehead Brewing Company

6305 Shelburne Rd.
Shelburne, VT 05482



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