Red Hen Donots

 Food is our common ground, a universal experience.-James Beard (1903-1985) – an American chef and food writer

This is one of my favorite quotes.  As I was getting ready to send this issue off to the printer I realized that many of the writers of the stories talked about how food made them feel.  How it answered cravings, evoked memories, inspired travel, and comforted the soul. When I look at pictures of a trip many years ago to France (which seems so surreal now) I immediately remember the food – and the wine.  I can still remember just about every meal along with what everyone else ate.  Sitting at the cafes and facing the street, enjoying a croissant with a cappuccino and people watching. It caused one to linger, savor, taking time for socializing.  Now I know what you are thinking, of course I had time to visit and linger I was on vacation – I would argue that when you are experiencing the trip of a lifetime this does not encourage relaxation.  But the culture in France creates time to enjoy food and wine and they have a high regard for making time to dine. 

Although I always have appreciated good fresh food this trip enhanced my awareness. The local food movement in this country has encouraged us to become connected to its source. We pride ourselves in knowing the baker a few houses down who we think makes the best apple pie. Exploring our back roads for that perfect taste of brie and sharing its source or satisfying that sweet tooth with a fresh made donut that is so good you just can’t eat one.  Breaking bread during these upcoming holidays is an opportunity to eat local and celebrate our common ground and perhaps, do a little people watching.

Warm regards,

Mary Blair

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