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“Livet” Healthy Living Exploration: Andrea Bosco

Senior Editor Andrea Bosco went in search of a new nutrition plan, jump-starting the process with a two-day juice cleanse

Photographs by Michael Fornataro

"Livet" Healthy Living Exploration - Salud Juicery

"Livet" Healthy Living Exploration - Andrea Bosco

Andrea Bosco

As 2014 approached, I searched for a fresh start with food. Though I consider myself a health-conscious 25-year-old, the holidays didn’t halt me from having those few extra cookies or additional helpings. Having been raised cognitive of health, balance, and the significance of fresh, natural produce, I make a regular effort to make the best choices for my body, including no strict limitations — moderation. With that said, in December 2013, I started to experience what I thought may be a gluten allergy. Tests for celiac disease returned negative, which has no guarantee and is typically inaccurate, according to doctors. I’ve had my bouts with anemia and anxiety, and found accuracy in the healing hands of doTERRA essential oils and vitamins — now an essential part of my life.

Limiting gluten as much as possible from my diet inspired me to embark on a juice cleanse quest. To get started, I inquired with Ginny Corbett, co-owner of Salúd Juicery in Sewickley, who is also a licensed therapist. She manages the business with partner Seth Zimmerman. Having traveled the country on “juice safaris,” she is passionate for her new business venture. “The mind, body, spirit, and the interconnectedness of the body is important to me,” she says. “We’re finding out how important gut health is. A lot of what we formerly thought happens in the brain, actually happen in the gut, including a large percentage of the production of serotonin.”

I decided to start with the Renewal, a two-day cleanse perfect for a quick, yet deep, restorative approach. Day 1 and Day 2 are the same, with six juices containing greens, citrus, “essentials,” roots, and healing cashew milk. “The idea behind the cleanse is that what you’re doing is letting your body do what it does naturally,” says Corbett. “You’re letting your body heal and giving it a bit of rest.”

Corbett advised I drink plenty of water, flushing toxins between juices in two-hour increments. Juice 1 is Smilin’ Irish with Spirulina, comprised of organic spinach, kale, apple, lemon, cucumber, and spirulina. Juice 2 is Pom Cha Cha, made with pomegranate, apple, and chia seed. Juice 3 is Red Head Irish with spirulina, containing organic spinach, kale, apple, lemon, cucumber, ginger, and spirulina. Juice 4 is Spicy Lemon Cleanse. It’s a mix of lemon, cayenne pepper, agave, and filtered water. Juice 5 is Detox Blend with organic spinach, parsley, pineapple, cucumber, apple, lemon, and kale. Lastly, Juice 6 — the Vanilla Cashew Blender with Maca is a blend of cashew, agave, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, filtered water, and maca, a Peruvian superfood used for hormone balance, stamina, and stress reduction.

All in all, the cleanse was absolutely worth it. The headaches weren’t unbearable but certainly unwelcome. And, I could sense my body truly needed the harvest of nutrients. The juices are delicious as well as filling. Though, on the evening of Day 1, I found myself eating the avocado as Corbett suggested if hunger ensues. Juice 6 was a heavenly reward, and is quite nurturing and packed with protein — I found myself craving Juice 6 on the second afternoon. I enhanced my cleanse with detox baths and hot tea, as suggested, and I felt I was in a more alkaline state from head to toe.

“Sugar, processed foods, and caffeine tend to cause our bodies to be in an acidic state,” says Corbett. “Cancer doesn’t do well in alkaline states. Part of what the cleanse does is it allows those good nutrients to go directly into your blood. They’re already broken down, so your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard. We bombard our body with sugars. It’s all about giving your body a good environment. The headaches you get are similar to those if you were detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Your body is releasing toxins. I consider it a marker of time. Once you get all of this good stuff in your body, you won’t want the junk.”

Corbett’s juice programs are wholesome and geared toward positive change. “This is a time to treat yourself to be really positive,” she says. “I also like to think of the cleanse as detoxing your negative thoughts. Get a good mantra, start a new lifestyle, and leave the negative behind.”

Inspired by a day-one-cleanse cup of Calming Yogi Organic Tea, “Love is unchanging and limitless” served as my mantra and is still a phrase I keep present in thought post-cleanse. Like the phrase, I’ve continued to incorporate Salúd’s juices into my daily routine. For those just getting started, Corbett offers the Easy Does It cleanse and Toes in the Water, which is a partial cleanse embracing a healthy meal for dinner. “You know yourself. You know your own recipe,” she says. “This is a chance to listen to your body. With a custom cleanse, you can make it work for you.”

Juicing is a boost for the immune system, a clean-slate relationship, and a natural course of action for glowing skin from the inside out. It’s an all-around win!

Salúd Juicery, 348 Beaver Road, Sewickley. 412.259.8818.

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