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April / May 2011



Healthy Cycle
Share the road with cyclists! With the help of local non-profit, Bike Pittsburgh, our city’s biking community is on a roll.

Stocked Markets
Get stoked for a fresh crop of farmers’ markets.We bring you a few, and ask for your favorite in our Best Farmers’ Market in Pittsburgh Contest!

Sweet Spot
Taste the sweet maple syrup flowing from thousands of trees in Bradys Run Park, located in Beaver County. Pennsylvania is in the top 10 producing states in the country for this
special sticky stuff.


Season’s Greetings
Herald the arrival of buds and blooms and the first fruits and vegetables of spring with us.

Keep busy at bee-keeping classes, wine dinners, sheep-shearing demonstrations, and barbecues!

Trying to toss together the perfect spring salad? The Supper Club’s Chef Greg Andrews shows us how.

Edible Chatter
Schedule spring cleaning sessions, indoors and out, and start celebrating Earth Day early.

From the Market
Stock up on gluten-free goodies, organic produce, and local meats at Sunny Bridge Natural Foods in McMurray.

Fresh Cooking
Transition your dinner dishes into the new season with help from the cooks at DeLallo, who prepare
potato gnocchi mixed with heaping handfuls of arugula.

From the Kitchen
Grab your notebooks, pencils, and spatulas! We sit in on cooking classes around the region, and expand our culinary horizons, from the art of Asian stir-fry to making a traditional Pittsburgh favorite, pierogies.

Thirst for Knowledge
Plan a “libation vacation,” and spend a leisurely weekend touring one of Pennsylvania’s 10 winding wine trails.

Edible Dining Guide
Eat locally by searching our compendium of restaurants that support local foods and farms.

Edible Directory
Get the details on the farmers’ markets, stores, vendors, and restaurants found in this issue.

Edible Essence
All hail asparagus! These spring-yspears hit the mark for nutrition, taste, and cooking versatility.

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