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Welcome to Edible Allegheny,

a magazine devoted to improving the quality of life in our region by bringing you important information about food. We believe that supporting the local agricultural community is a vital element in the future success of this region, and that eating healthy local food is a better option.

We are equally convinced that the area of the world in which we live is especially fortunate, with our vast water resources, our fertile soil, and our four distinct seasons. This region experiences optimal growing conditions, and we’re blessed with generations of farmers who love our land.

As a city, Pittsburgh has some of the most innovative environmental programs, ranging from our LEEDcertified buildings to our well-trod trails. Our business communities and restaurant industries are putting a greater emphasis on local and organic food.

Edible Communities includes more than 52 regional publications, professing the importance of eating local, seasonal foods, and its ramifications on so many sectors in our lives.

When we heard about Edible Communities and the mission to bring the power of the locavore movement to the Allegheny Mountain region, we were enthused about the potential to inform readers here about what is going on in our gardens, in our kitchens, and on our farms, while being part of a national — and now international — movement.

We are looking forward to celebrating local food with you!

Here’s to joining the community!
Christine and Jack Tumpson